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Winter Mini-Session 2015

Term Dates Registration Add/Drop Period
Session I
Nov. 30– Dec 9, 2015 Oct. 19 – Nov. 20, 2015 Nov. 30, 2015
Session II
Dec. 7– Dec 16, 2015 Oct. 19 – Dec. 2, 2015 Dec. 7, 2015
Session III
Dec. 14 – Dec. 23, 2015 Oct. 19 – Dec. 7, 2015 Dec. 14, 2015
Session IV
Dec. 14, 2015 – Jan 10, 2016 Oct. 19 – Dec. 7, 2015 Dec. 14-18, 2015
  • Tuition: $496/credit hour
  • Textbooks: eCampus, http://www.ecampus.com/hamptonu
  • Courses taken in the Winter intersession are not eligible for grade of "I". No refund after the add/drop period.
  • Hampton University Main Campus Students: Complete special undergraduate application to be admitted to Hampton U Online, along w/the Application to Take Courses With Hampton U Online form. Note: Hampton University main campus students are only allowed to transfer up to 6-credit hours during their entire matriculation from Hampton U Online back to the main campus.
  • For additional information on the Winter session 2015 visit the Hampton U Online website, http://huonline.hamptonu.edu/, contact by phone (757) 727-5773, email at huonline@hamptonu.edu, or fax: (757) 728-4175. HuOnline is located in the W. O. Lawton Building in Hampton Harbors.

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Registering students must provide the following:

  • Registration Fee of $100.00 (per session)
  • Application Fee of $50.00 to accompany application (new students only)
  • If applicable, an authorized military Tuition Assistance Form
  • Clearance through the VA representative if utilizing VA Education Benefits


All students must conference with their advisors prior to proceeding to HUNET (online registration), to obtain financial clearance, course approval and registration pin numbers.

*Students are asked to be aware of the courses they must register for prior to consulting with their advisors.

Late Registration

Any student who fails to complete registration during the designated dates prior to each term will be charged a $150.00 late registration fee in addition to the $100.00 regular registration fee.

This policy does not apply to those students registering for the first time.


Courses may be added or dropped during the ADD/DROP period, which occurs during the first week of classes for each session. A full refund will be given only if a completed Drop Form is submitted prior to 12:00 p.m. on the sixth (6th) day of the session.

Students may withdraw from a course after the add/drop Period, but before the final examination week. Tuition will NOT be refunded for a withdrawal.

Course Registration in HuNET

All students must register for courses through HUNET.

For instructions on using HuNET, click here.