Transfer / Life Experience Credit


A student may request credit by examination for the purpose of validating knowledge of the material presented in a course. Only under compelling circumstances may a student, with the approval of his/her advisor and Dean, be granted permission to obtain credit by examination. Prior to processing the request, the “Application for Credit by Examination” form must be approved by the advisor. A copy of the completed examination must be filed with the appropriate dean. Credit by examination shall not be attempted for a course previously taken or failed by the student. No student will be allowed over two examinations for credit per semester, up to a maximum of 30 credit hours per degree. No freshman student will be allowed to earn credit by examination for 300 or 400 level courses. Letter grades will not be given for credit by examination. The number of credit hours earned will be indicated on the student’s transcript.

Advanced Placement

The University grants credits for acceptable performance on the College Board administered Advanced Placement Examination. A minimum score of 3 is required in all subject areas.

External Examinations

Hampton University participates in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). The University accepts for credit both the general examinations and the subject examinations. The subject examinations, however, must be approved by the respective academic department of the university. Awarding of credit for CLEP will be based on recommendations of CEEB. Credit for DANTES will be based on recommendations of the American Council of Education (ACE). A maximum of thirty credits will be accepted. Scores received from CLEP may not satisfy requirements for English 101 and English 102.

Credit for Prior Learning/Work Experience

Hampton University values the life experiences of our students, and we make it possible for you to accelerate your degree through our Prior Learning Assessment program. Undergraduate college credit can be requested for job, volunteer, or life experiences that are similar to the learning outcomes for a particular course. The Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio process supports students who demonstrate the depth and breadth of prior learning providing compelling evidence. Faculty review student portfolios and are able to grant credit for learning that is found to be at the college level.

Students should recognize that while many prior learning experiences are meaningful they are often not equal to the quality of knowledge learned in the college classroom. Therefore, students who seek academic credit for life or work experience must be able to clearly demonstrate and document that their experiences are equal in quality to the knowledge they would gain in the classroom. Credit for prior learning experience is awarded only for comparable courses required of the student’s academic major.