Master of Arts in Religious Studies (Worship Studies Concentration)

The worship studies concentration is designed to equip individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies in worship, while providing the solid biblical and theological foundation required to meet the needs of the traditional and contemporary church. Students will be equipped to function and apply knowledge and skills gained in a variety of cultural contexts and communities of faith.

Degree Name: Master of Arts in Religious Studies (Worship Studies Concentration)
Course Course Title Credit Hours
RELO 601 Old Testament Literature Survey 3
RELO 603 New Testament Literature Survey 3
RELO 605 Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics 3
RELO 607 Introduction to Biblical Theology 3
RELO 609 Systematic Theology I 3
RELO 613 The Phenomenon of Religion: Faith and Life 3
RELO 615 Historical Development of Faith and Worship 3
RELO 616 Theological Constructivism: Building a Theology of Worship 3
RELO 617 The Worship Leader 3
RELO 618 Principles of Worship 3
RELO 619 Dynamics of Worship 3
RELO 620 Exploring Traditional and Contemporary Worship 3
RELO 621 Congregational Acclaim: Planning the Worship Experience 3
RELO 651 Supervised Ministry Practicum 3
RELO 656 Project Practicum I: Theology Internship 3
RELO 661 Project Practicum II: Theology Project 3
Total Credit Hours 48