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Career and Professional Development Courses

Online Courses

Learn or enhance your existing skills for career or professional development through Hampton U Online's courses and certificates. Take a class for professional development or enrichment for graduate academic credit or non-credit.

Learn more about our Career and Professional Development courses by clicking on one of the links below:

Graduate Courses

Educational Partners

Professional development courses are designed to assist educators with skills to obtain license renewal, recertification, and improvement in teaching. Educators and school leaders can enroll in three-credit hour graduate level courses through Hampton University Online and with one of their educational partners.

Education courses are offered in a variety of areas including:

  • Leadership in Education
  • Reading and Literacy
  • Innovations in Education
  • Special Education
  • ESOL
  • Gifted Education
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Technology Integration

Case Based Approach to Learning (CASENEX)

If you prefer a Cased-Based approach to learning that will provide you with an opportunity to learn through case study analysis, then click here for more information and click here for the application.

Self-paced Video-based Courses (Knowledge Delivery Systems)

If you prefer a self paced and video based knowledge delivery approach to leaning, then click here.

Non-Credit Courses and Certificates

If you want to acquire a new skill or knowledge for career and professional development or personal enrichment, then enroll now in our online interactive non-credit courses or certificates. A wide range of courses are offered in a variety of topics. All of our courses include expert instructors.

Click on the links below to learn more about our non-credit courses and certificates.


Six week courses offered in these topics:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business
  • Computer Applications
  • Design and Composition
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Language and Arts
  • Law and Legal
  • Personal Development
  • Teaching and Education
  • Technology
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Entrepreneurship
JER Online

Self-directed online courses and certificates. You will have the flexibility of starting a course at anytime.

Courses and Certificates offered in the following topics:

  • Workplace Training
  • Professions & Trades
  • Writing
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Green Education courses
  • Certificates in Teacher Education, Technical Writing, and Travel Agent

Entrepreneurship Certificate:

A six week non-credit certificate for individuals interested in starting their own business.