Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Hampton U Online welcomes transfer students to our virtual Home by the Sea! Our advisors promise to provide a fair and timely evaluation of your previous college coursework. We know the amount of time and energy you dedicated to completing these courses. We also understand your need to move forward with your higher education goals. We therefore strive to avoid duplication of equivalent courses completed at a regionally accredited college or university. As adult students, we recognize that education can come outside of college classroom, therefore we also recognize military training, credit-by-examination, and life experience.

Students who have satisfactorily completed courses at an accredited institution may be admitted to regular standing with such advanced standing as their previous records may warrant.

Requirements for advanced standing are:

  1. Satisfactory credit from previous colleges as shown on official transcripts.
  2. Grade point average of “C” or better at previous college(s).
  3. Honorable dismissal from previous college(s). If students are suspended from any previous college, but eligible to return, they may be considered for enrollment at the College of Education and Continuing Studies after the lapse of six months.

Active Duty Military students enrolled in the Hampton U Online are allowed to transfer up to 60 credit hours (SOC requires online programs to transfer in a max of 70% of degree) to the Undergraduate College (Hampton Institute)

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