B.A. Degree in Religious Studies


The Religious Studies Program provides an opportunity for those who are seeking a solid foundation in the study of religion an opportunity to obtain an accredited Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies through distance learning. The program curriculum provides a strong core of biblical, theological, and pastoral courses reinforced by a strong liberal arts foundation. The program is designed to sharpen the skills of students already in ministry, to prepare students for advanced studies, especially in religious education and theology, and to broaden their options in the careers that put a premium on an informed religious consciousness.

Admissions Requirements

All students desiring admission to the Religious Studies Program must be at least 21 years of age to apply.

  1. Hampton U Online Application
  2. Official high school transcript sent directly from your high school
  3. Official test scores on the GED (where a high school transcript is not presented)
  4. Official college transcripts sent from an accredited institution (you are also required to submit a Transfer Recommendation Form
  5. The Life Experience Credits Assessment Form and all associated documents for applicants requesting institutional academic credit for applicable life experience.
  6. Two letters of reference are required with one preferably being from a educator who has knowledge of your academic abilities, and the other from someone of your choosing, not a relative, who can offer insight on your character.
  7. Personal Statement of not less than 500 words must be submitted. This statement should give the evaluators a sense of who you are, where you are from (cultural, spiritual, and social context), what your involvements are/have been, and why you have chosen to pursue a degree in Religious Studies. This statement may be used to assess your writing skills.

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