B.A. Degree in Paralegal Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies is a four-year degree program. It is designed both to prepare new entrants into the paralegal field and to provide opportunities for practicing paralegal professionals to enhance their career credentials. Students who specialize in paralegal studies will be prepared to participate as efficient and effective members of legal teams. Career opportunities include position in law firms, government agencies, legal services office, corporations, professional and trade associations, banks, real estate organization organizations, and other public-and private-sector businesses.

The purpose of the paralegal studies program a is to combine specialized legal training courses with a strong liberal arts foundation. The curriculum is a well integrated program which effectively prepares paralegal and prospective law school students for the roles they will play in the legal field by reinforcing the basic principles of verbal and written communication, the techniques of scholarly research, and teaching a system of critical and analytical thinking. Such skills in accurate expression and clear, logical thinking are crucial to the successful interaction and professional service to future legal clients.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Paralegal Studies offers students the following objectives: to provide future paralegals and attorneys with a sound legal education; to provide future paralegals and attorneys with an enhanced understanding of individuals and society with a knowledge of the liberal arts; to provide students with an opportunity to increase both their experience and their employability through participation in hands-on legal internships.

Degree Name: B.A. Degree in Paralegal Studies
CourseCourse TitleCredit Hours
Arts & Humanities ARTO 200, 305, or 306; ENGO 214; Foreign Lang; HUMO 202; MUSO 200, 201, 202 or 205; PHIO 203, 204, 210, 301, 304, or 305 3
BIOO 101 Nature of Life 3
COMO 103 Oral Communication 3
CSOO 126 Understanding the HU Culture 3
Cultures & Civilizations HISO 105, 107, or 202 3
Cultures & Civilizations CSOO 170; ENGO 215; MUSO 205; HISO 308; MGMO 321; POLO 307; 405, 406, or 409 or SOCO 305 3
ECOO 200 Introduction to Economics 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ELECTIVE Social Science Elective 3
ELECTIVE Management Elective 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ENGO 101 Written Communications I 3
ENGO 102 Written Communications II 3
HEAO 200 Health Education 2
HISO 106 World Civilizations II 3
HUMO 201 Seminar in Humanities I 3
MATO 110 College Mathematics II 3
MATO 205/MGMO 215 Introduction to Statistics or Principles of Statistical Analysis 3
MGMO 200 Introduction to Business 3
MGMO 340 Business Communication 3
PLSO 125 Law in Society 3
PLSO 126 Legal Research 3
PLSO 127 Legal Writing 3
PLSO 150 Torts and Personal Injury 3
PLSO 305 Law office Management 3
PLSO 306 Contemporary Legal Ethics 3
PLSO 310 Real Estate 3
PLSO 320 Litigation and Trial Practice 3
PLSO 350 Business Organizations 3
PLSO 360 Criminal Law 3
PLSO 370 Domestic Relations 3
PLSO 401 Paralegal Internship 3
PLSO 405 Wills, Trusts and Estates 3
PLSO 410 Constitutional Law 3
PLSO 412 Introduction to Administrative Law 3
PLSO 413 Debtor/ Credit Relations 3
PLSO 414 Bankruptcy 3
PSYO 203 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOCO 205 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Credit Hours 122