Associate of Science Degree in Aviation Management (Air Traffic Control)


Hampton University offers a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management with a concentration in Air Traffic Control which focuses on basic air traffic control operations. Hampton University is an approved Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program school. The program is designed to educate qualified applicants to potentially fill developmental air traffic control specialist positions.

Degree Name: Associate of Science Degree in Aviation Management (Air Traffic Control)
CourseCourse TitleCredit Hours
AVNO 201 Flight Safety I 3
AVNO 101 Aviation Foundations I 3
AVNO 102 Aviation Foundations II 3
AVNO 125 Tower Operations I 3
AVNO 126 Tower Lab I 3
AVNO 140 Terminal Operations I 3
AVNO 141 Terminal Lab I 3
AVNO 354 Aviation Legislation 3
AVNO 225 Tower Operations II 3
AVNO 226 Tower Lab II 3
AVNO 240 Terminal Operations II 3
AVNO 241 Terminal Lab II 3
COMO 103 Oral Communication 3
ENGO 101 Written Communication I 3
HISO 106 World Civilization II 3
HUMO 201 Seminar in the Humanities I 3
HUMO 202 Seminar in the Humanities II 3
MATO 109 College Mathematics I 3
PHYO 200 General Physics 3
PSYO 203 Introduction to Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours 60

About the Department of Aviation

The Department of Aviation in the School of Engineering and Technology provides students with preparation for a variety of careers in aviation. Combined with a strong liberal arts background, the aviation program prepares students to participate in building the future of the aviation industry. The Department also prepares its students to be professionals by demonstrating the value of life-long learning through research projects and the value of service to the University, aviation profession, and community. Hampton University's Department of Aviation is the only one of the 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in America with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved ATCI program.

The Department of Aviation is committed to providing a high quality aviation education for all its students with faculty actively involved in advancing the aviation community as a whole. We strive to prepare students for meaningful aviation careers within government and the aerospace industry, and to instill a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility to the public. The Department of Aviation has established itself as a high-quality Bachelor of Science degree program with a national reputation for outstanding graduates.

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