Associate of Arts in Religious Studies


The goal of this introductory degree in Religious Studies is to provide students an organized and scholarly opportunity to explore the diversity of the religions of the world within their particular historical, social and cultural contexts. The Associate of Arts degree leads to the attainment of the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at the completion of an additional sixty hours of course work.

Degree Name: Associate of Arts in Religious Studies
CourseCourse TitleCredit Hours
BIOO 101 Nature of Life 3
COMO 103 Oral Communication 3
ENGO 101 Written Communication I 3
HEAO 200 Health Education 2
HISO 106 World Civilizations II 3
HISO 107 Survey of African American History 3
HUMO 201 Seminar in Humanities 3
MATO 110 College Mathematics II 3
PHIO 203 History of Western Philosophy 3
POLO 201 Political Science 3
PSYO 203 Introduction to Psychology 3
RELO 101 Orientation to Online Learning 1
RELO 111 Old Testiment I 3
RELO 112 Old Testiment II 3
RELO 200 Introduction to Religious Studies 3
RELO 202 Life and Teachings of Jesus 3
RELO 203 Islam 3
RELO 205 Other Religious Traditions 3
RELO 211 New Testiment I 3
RELO 212 New Testiment II 3
SOCO 205 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Credit Hours 60

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