Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies


The Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies provides a student with a preparation for a professional career and or for further baccalaureate study. The curriculum offers liberal arts foundation with an emphasis on the humanities, English, history, and psychology. Emphasis is placed upon the use of critical thinking and reading skills. Course work satisfactorily completed through the Associate of Arts in General Studies Degree can be transferred to the four year baccalaureate degree in General Studies offered through Hampton U Online, a division of Continuing Studies. Additional credits may be utilized to satisfy elective course requirements.

Degree Name: Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies
CourseCourse TitleCredit Hours
Art & Humanities HUMO 202; ARTO 200, 305,306, Foreign Lang; MUSO 201, 202, 205, PHIO 210, 301, 305 3
BIOO 101 Nature of Life 3
COMO 103 Oral Communications 3
CSOO 126 Und. The HU Culture/Academic Success Skills 3
CSOO ELECTIVE Computer Science Elective 3
Cultures and Civilizations CSOO 170; ENGO 215; MUSO 205; HISO 308; MGMO 321; POLO 307; 405,406,409, or SOCO 305 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ELECTIVE Free Elective 3
ENGO 101 Written Communication I 3
ENGO 102 Written Communication II 3
HISO 106 World Civilizations II 3
HUMO 201 Seminar in Humanities I 3
MATO 110 College Mathmatics II 3
PHIO 203 History of Western Philosophy I 3
PHIO 204 History of Western Philosophy II 3
POLO 201 Introduction to Political Science 3
PSYO 203 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYO 205 Social Psychology 3
SOCO 205 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Credit Hours 60